2-day delivery. I have ordered more Frontline and hope to have the same good results from it on both of my poodles. My cat almost died from this product Petarmour. PetArmor Plus is a very popular and one of the more expensive options. This product gave one of my two dogs seizures… Horrible horrible seizures… I will never EVER use this product again and I hope this company get sued over the grief and pain it has brought to our families and pets… I’m looking to get my money back. She didn’t eat or drink that day and evening. I wanted to point out that there actually was no recall on PetArmor Plus because of reactions. I blamed it on the Pet Armour and I had already decided I would throw this away. I decided to try Petarmor to save some money and put it on both of my dogs as usual. The product packaging looks extremely similar to Frontline. He told me to NEVER use it again. You are putting poison on your pets so they may wind up with cancers later. It is a pill, and it is 100% safe, and it gets rid of all living fleas. Something that the manufacturer is putting in PetArmor Plus is VERY TOXIC. OMGosh…. Shop Target for PetArmor Cat Health & Grooming you will love at great low prices. (if you have a clear vacuum that you dump out you will NEVER use flea stuff again after putting in in there. I’ve written a full article on flea control here: http://www.askavetquestion.com/your-pet-has-fleas.php, Petarmor may not have been recalled for health reasons but having used Frontline on my English Sheepdog for 10 years I purchased Petarmor in Walmart and applied it as the instructions. Product Title PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats (Over 1.5 lbs) Average Rating: (3.6) out of 5 stars 638 ratings, based on 638 reviews. Pet Armor is considered a generic knock-off of Frontline that sells at a cheaper consumer price. My daughter’s dog had the same reaction to this product as it’s BUYER BEWARE !! If you’re a dog or cat owner, you’ve probably heard of the brand PetArmor Plus. Our dogs never had a reaction to any of the flea medications we have given them in the past. Different dogs are allergic to different things Frontline did not kill any fleas so I changed and this pet armor does what frontline is not doing. I have used it on my 2 cats several times. This was a huge mistake! Current Price $26.99 $ 26. She developed a large deep sore on her back which had to be treated with antibiotics. The recall was ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia. Do not allow your cat to ingest this product. Do you use chemicals? As far as I know, it seemed to work well (stopping them from scratching). I am furious with Cipla, the manufacturer of PetArmor Plus. Frontline did NOT work on my dogs and cats and 8 week old kittens after 2 applications. I’m talking a minute extra work to add something to your dog or cats meals. Free shipping on orders of $35+ or same-day pick-up in store. Find a variety. The recall was ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia. I purchased pet armor from walmart & applied it to my 4 dogs, 3 adult dachshunds & one chihuahua mix. Dogs have allergies and sensitivity to products probably more so than human. PetArmor Plus for cats is a topical medication, which means it needs to be applied directly to the skin of your cat. The other two adult cats were fine and the 3 kittens too. If you don’t have a product with residual activity then you’re going to continue to have problems. Or you can call us at 1-800-224-7387. It wasn’t recalled for toxicity issues, it was over patent infringement. After using PetArmor for 3 straight months on my cats and getting no results (except for their fleas getting worse), I’m going to pay the extra $12 and get the Frontline…such a small price to pay for my cats’ comfort! My cat’s fur is being sent off for testing. I will advise the product safety commission and my state attorney general’s office regarding this product Tell everyone you know DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. We may pay more for medicines and chemicals produced in the USA, but at least we have recourse if there’s a problem. PetArmor Plus for Cats is for use only on cats and kittens over 1.5 lbs. Even without a recall or notification sent to pet owners, those who read her story might double-check the products they have on-hand before it’s too late. It’s ridiculous that Frontline can’t value a little competition. Cat picture on box = Cat, I debated on whether or not to publish this reply. Ive never lost a live born pup. PetArmor Plus is a very popular and one of the more expensive options. You can call your vet and stop a problem in its tracks before it becomes something much worse. Current Price $22.65 $ 22. This occurred after it was discovered that plants in Mexico, Brazil and Columbia used chemicals to clean their food-processing equipment — chemicals not approved in the U.S. for manufacturing these chews. Because pet care companies like PetArmor aren’t making their products’ reported side effects well-known, it’s up to you to find out what products might be dangerous for your dog or cat. We tried pet armor and it worked just as well for us but we spend summers up north here in Michigan and we had to switch to k9 advantix 2 for its mosquito and black fly protection. I had to take her to the vet to get her treatment for her skin and the fleas. They are done ripping ME off! Can’t they read? The fleas down here in Florida give us a run for our money! This has never happened before. ANY one can see this is for dogs and not cats..how dumb can you be see the DOG picture?? Animals are the same. If a product has the same active ingredients how can it not work the same basically Pet armor plus is a generic form of frontline plus. They said as a consumer I have no right to know the ingredients. When you apply this type of stuff just think about yourself. Im currently trying to see if I can prove the Pet Armor was the culprit that I suspect. BUT because Petarmour made that arrangement, I don’t feel trustful of that… we shall see. I have 5 dogs and I love PetArmor Plus. When PetArmor Plus came out, we jumped at the chance to try their product on our cats and dogs. It’s not being recalled due to a defect in the product. Having any of those happen doesn’t make you a bad pet parent and you don’t have to rush to the vet for every issue you have. The price level of this organization is … Since the burn only occured on one of my two dogs, I can only presume he had a sensativity to some of the inactive ingrediants that are differentt from the frontline. So stop saying its defective cause it didn’t work for you… It is possible your dogs allergic to it or chemical makeup or environment makes it less effective. Thanks for the heads-up!!! Although PetArmor Plus claims to use the same active ingredients (fipronil and methoprene) as Frontline, scientists found that the inactive ingredients were not. Skin & Coat Care. It can be so hard when companies have no conscience because their main concern is making money. Good luck!! Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. We have 3 dogs (lab, lab-pyrenees cross, and great pyrenees) that have been on a variety of flea & tick products including Frontline, Comfrontis, and Advantage. All About Pet Health. Simple Pet Care 101. The FDA approved Bravecto in 2014, but thousands of pet owners have claimed that the flea and tick medication killed their pets. Your vet is incorrect about ingredients being exact between products. I purchased Pet Armour and administered it to her. It’s because frontline makers are greedy. I have used this product and it worked fine I never had a problem with my dog. Do not use more than one tube per animal per month. This is a great place to use that CHEMICAL flea treatment you bought… Put it into the vacuum bag so when fleas are sucked in they DIE! PetArmor Plus for Dogs, 45 to 88 Pounds, 3 Count. As you well know, the cost of caring for pets can be astronomical. I find it disturbing that as soon as a product is recalled people start to jump on the bandwagon. One such product, PetArmor Plus has just been recalled. Veterinarians have chimed in, saying they believe the medication is unsafe after dealing with experiences like Junker’s. Even misleading claims made by these types of products have been challenged in courts. Sorry to burst your bubble, but anyone who knows anything about these products, not just frontline or advantage or pet armor, would know if it’s FOR DOGS it’s NOT to be used on cats. Have any of you actually read the article? Do not use their products!!! Leave us a comment below. PetArmor® Plus for Cats Over 1.5 lbs Flea & Tick Spot On Treatment at PetSmart. That’s because PetArmor Plus had labeled the medication incorrectly: Debora thought she was buying flea repellent for cats, but found what she had bought was flea repellent for dogs, placed in the wrong packaging. Radiation in dog food bowls! Sorry about your dog. Never had one negative reaction to it in our dogs. Or a lotion that made them itch or even had food poisoning? As much as vets do know, there are many things they do not—- I know people whose vet told them to feed their pets Purina for example… Gotta run, heading off to pick my cat up that PetArmour almost killed. This product is TOXIC TO CATS and no where on the packaging or inserts does it tell the consumer about the risk to cats. Capstar is great for getting rid of adult fleas that are currently on a dog or cat but there is absolutely no residual effect. Why is PetArmor being recalled? Frontline does NOT do it nor does K9Advantix. I have learned a valuable lesson. And if you used a dog medicine for a cat-then you are ignorant, and I feel sorry for your pets you dumb**s! I have purchased Pet Armor Plus after a few months of hearing about it, and I have 2 chihuahua’s Not a single negative reaction, Not a single flea, Not a single nothing, it works just as well as frontline plus just WAY cheaper. My pups are like children to me, as they are to most. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact PetArmor to ask questions about: Product/ Service, Refund, Request for Information. Buyer beware!!!! The National Advertising Division, an arm of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council, asserted that ads for the product had to be changed after it was found that the product didn’t actually reach its full efficacy until a week after its application. I love this product! Products expiring between June 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020 have been recalled. G. Martel’s dog. They’ve monopolized the market long enough. Read the entire label carefully before using any product on your cat. Debora hoped sharing her story would help others who might use similar products for their pets. Start your review of PetArmor Advanced 2 Flea Treatment for Cats, 4 Monthly Treatments! Worst of all, she still had fleas. Thank You for Helping Save So Many Animals in 2020! 2-day delivery. Are the internet rumors of Trifexis side effects true? With PetArmor flea and tick treatments, you can kill fleas (plus their eggs and larvae), ticks and chewing lice. Read it again..it’ for the profit of frontline it’s recalled. Learn how your comment data is processed. Most of all, your best bet is to pay attention to any changes your pet may experience post-medication, no matter how subtle those changes may be. Read what other Chewy lovers have to say about our pet products, plus enjoy FREE shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service. Find honest and helpful reviews for PetArmor Advanced 2 Flea Treatment for Large Cats Over 9 lbs at Chewy.com. I’ve been reading about neurotoxin side effects and 75,000 complaints and I’m not waiting another day for him to see a vet. But it is the petarmor Plus that has worked. There are elderly people on a fixed income that cannot afford the high cost of Frontline. I have a one year old cat. I guess I got off lightly – she seems OK now but now not sure if I want to use anything on my baby girl. Just so you know, Frontline plus may be reapplied after only 2 weeks… and it may be applied right after a bath but be certain the pet is completely dried first…. One owner, David Junker, said that his dog ate the medication without problem or hesitation, but his dog was dead the next morning. 4.2 out of 5 stars 4,293. Thank you. PetArmor Plus is $19.40 more expensive than an average flea drop ($20.19). May be fed directly from a spoon or added to food. This is idea for inside animals, or if you just have one animal that can’t have fleas spread from each other. It was unfortunate that it only worked for 2 days. Debora raced her pets to the vet, where they were kept in ICU for four days while they healed. PetArmor Plus for Dogs is available to protect your dog. Also, if your dog had a negative reaction, it’s just like humans- sensitivity to an ingredient! Never miss an update for the animals! So noone is stupid or an idiot or whatever you wrote. Your email address will not be published. Shame on Frontline for not offering their product at a lower cost. For additional help or more information, our social care team is available to answer your questions Mon-Friday, 8am to 4pm CST. I am in fact on my way to pick her up now. 59. Yes, this just happened to my brother. Just so you know, my cat almost died from petarmour. The recall includes many brands that pet lovers trust: Petco, Exer-Hides, Essential Everyday, Dentahex, Priority Pet, Enzadent, Digest-eeze, Healthy Hide, American Beefhide and Hill Country Fare all have products manufactured in these plants. PetArmor is a popular brand that deters fleas both for dogs and cats. Filter by: Vet-quality protection for less. Get the latest updates on our investigations and petitions The vet told my daughter to write a letter to thecompany to pay the vet bill. *PetArmor® Advanced 2 Flea Treatment for Cats is not manufactured or distributed by Bayer Healthcare LLC, the makers of Advantage®II. Or better yet GOOGLE it! Taken directly from the Pet Armor website, they claim PetArmor Plus "prevents flea eggs from hatching and larvae from growing up. Hopefully we get the same results that we had with PetArmor. People PLEASE….. Being that Frontline lost the patent for the active ingredients one can only assume that its over the nearly identical packaging. what a waste of money!!! They’re promoting and selling this stuff as “the same as Frontline” when they know that it is NOT. PetArmor Plus Recall - Veterinary News. Select locations now offer curbside pickup & home delivery I strongly believe it was the product because she is a very healthy cat. KNOW THE INGREDIENTS ARE WHICH YOU ARE SUBJECTING YOUR PET TO! But WalMart should have told us about the recall, instead of just saying it was backordered. The truth about chicken and chicken by-products in pet food. We have used PetArmor from the beginning and can report that it has “NOT” had an adverse effect on our animals. BE SAFE NOT SORRY! When my dogs wallowed in the grass and dirt, they had a greasy, dirty streak down their backs, which lasted for days. carries 0.023 fl oz of treatment and has 9.8 percent Fipronil and 8.8 percent (S)-methoprene. The makers of PetArmor, Cipla, located in India, do not reveal what the inactive ingredients are. Great stuff; it works just as well as Frontline Plus. The ingredients are identical, spoke to my vet about it. To keep up to date with the latest veterinary news you can sign up for Dr. Marie's monthly newsletter. Previous page. I had to get antibiotics for him to take and an antibiotic wash to put on the blisters. I purchased this product for dogs at Walmart after the recall ( I didn’t know about the recall at the time). this information is on the Frontline plus FAQ webpage here… http://www.frontlineplus.com.au/puppy_love/dogs_frontline_FAQs.asp, If that URL does not work, just google the terms ” Frontline plus + FAQ”. Hasn’t anyone ever tried a shampoo that didn’t work for them? greatly reduced cost) there is probably a reason for it! For Cats. It didnt even kill the fleas. Pet parents need to be vigilant. On your own time, be sure to read labels and stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the pet care industry. Apply PETARMOR ForCats ONLY to cats and kittens aged 8 weeks or older and > 1.5 lbs., including on breeding,pregnant, and lactating queens, as indicated below for control of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice.If your cat weighs more than 20 lbs., discuss dosing with your veterinarian. It worked great. I usually use Advatage, but my dogs and cats seem or maybe the fleas are now immune to it after using it for years. right to your inbox. Some of the things you mentioned will help to cut down on numbers, but I have found that you almost always have to use a prescription strength flea product. PetArmor Plus caused my cat Chloe to suffer bad skin irritation, and her long black fur became matted and some fur fell out, which resulted in a few bald patches. He said if they don’t, he has it on record and my daughter should sue the company. So eggs and larvae can't turn into fleas and lay more eggs." Just because your pets did okay on Petarmour doesn’t render the product safe. Watch what it looks like when you try to dump it out, if you can. PETARMOR Plus for Dogs Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs, Long-Lasting & Fast-Acting Topical Dog Flea Treatment, 3 Count. This particular product is sold in Dollar General stores. is very effective but keep in mind dish soap dries your skin so use your favorite friendly conditioner to keep away the dryness and voila! 41. So today I sent him to Walmart to get the PetArmor. My cat is NOT the only cat or dog to almost lose her life to this product. Luckily, they have survived, but they went through unbelievable trauma.. I believe in making a profit, but I don’t believe in ripping people off and taking advantage of them. Shop PetArmor Plus for Cats Over 1.5 lbs - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. The other dog immediately developed a bright red inflamed should and upper back area and was in much discomfort. By Samantha F. Levittown , PA. 62 reviews. I used the petamour once and he broke out down his back into big sores..I took him to his vet and had to have him on antibotics for 10 days to clear up the badly irritation down his spine. Knowing your dog or cat well will help you realize when something’s amiss. PetArmor contains the same concentration of Fipronil as Frontline Top Spot. All evening she was lethargic and then she threw up. Choose options . I just finished a box of Frontline Plus and although the first 2 tubes worked well, the third did not work at all. Not the First Time Pet Products Have Come Under Fire. There are some good points in it, but I wanted to clarify that it is very uncommon that natural methods alone will get rid of fleas. Phenobarbital recall announced – Potentially very serious! I called the company. my poor dogs are covered in fleas and i have to wait 2 more weeks to apply Frontline! They have been flea free with no adverse reactions. Some vets feel that the inactive ingredients in frontline that help to spread the product over the skin of the animal work much better than the generic brands and leave less “grease” on the animal’s skin. Gift eligible. Required fields are marked *. My Husband purchased the Frontline Plus, and it worked the first two times, and after that it didn’t work. The first line of defense is a chat with your veterinarian. Chances are, if you use these types of products for your pets, you treat your animals without thinking twice about the medication’s quality or effectiveness. I did notice that it was a bit more greasy than the Frontline, but the cost difference make up for the temporary inconvenience. Choose options . Also, one of my dogs must have liked the taste of PetArmor Plus, because I kept catching him licking it off my other dog’s back, even after a few days. Its been 3 weeks and I am losing the battle since I cannot reapply for another week. PetArmor Plus is $19.60 more expensive than an average flea drop ($19.99). PetArmor for Cats, 12 Month eliminates existing fleas and ticks on your cat within 24 hours and then continues protecting your pet for up to four weeks after that. Even though the chemical structure may be basically the same, manufacturers take short-cuts or make changes during the manufacturing process that results alteration. So think about all I just wrote because a future pet you adopt might not fare as well as the pets you have now did. If not I’m going back to Advantage. Now I will be trying the new generics as well. Walmart is not advising customers and refuse to remove it from the shelves. One of my poodles was not affected by the change in any way. People are failing to realize that its not a recall for performance. I didnt start calling nutro telling them they made my dogs hair fall out. Can you believe the generic worked better than the name brand? It can happen with ANY product. You’ve probably seen them: new flea products have come on the market recently, claiming to be the same as Frontline Plus, but costing about half of the price. I have used this product repeatedly on my 3 dogs. By the next morning, those bright red patches had turned into raw patches with no skin. My husband and I have been involved in pet rescue for 26 years. I purchased PetArmor at Sam’s Club a year ago it worked great. 0 0. bloomorningglory. This is the greatest tragedy I have ever experienced with any pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a problem in our area with lime disease and need to prevent ticks from feeding on our little guys. Warning: Look Out for Incorrectly Packaged PetArmor Plus Products. To this point 10 million dollars worth of PetArmor plus has been sold. Adams Flea & Tick Spot On for Dogs once made claims that its product began to eradicate fleas and ticks within 15 minutes of application, which was challenged and later found to be untrue. Lv 7. Product Title PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Prevention for Dogs, 3 Treatments. It works just as good as Frontline Plus and doesn’t iritate my dogs’ skin, doesn’t smell, and isn’t greasy. It's in the top 3 bestselling flea drops and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Merck Activyl for Cats or Sentry PurrScriptions Plus. I have used frontline plus for yrs my current pet is 10 yrs old and recently diaognoised with diabeties. I’ve had NO PROBLEMS! Where to Buy. One tube of PetArmor Plus for Dogs (4 to 22 lbs.) i have a 17 yr old cat and have always used Advantage on her. They had to take back claims that their products worked eight times faster than a competitor, too, after it was found that their medication did not treat fleas and ticks in 15 minutes. It’s the makers of Frontline wanting their cut of the profits! You need to bath your animals more and then you won’t be infested anymore. She had grand mal seizures and tremors for two days. So she’s has to be on a sweet potato and fish. *This post is sponsored by PetArmor Plus, … I tried brushing some of the excess grease from their hair, but I didn’t want to wash it off since it shouldn’t be reapplied for 30 days. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for PetArmor Plus for Cats, Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats (Over 1.5 lb), Includes 6 Month Supply of Topical Flea Treatments at Amazon.com. And, just in case recalled chews have fallen through the cracks, experts warn that those that are still out there may cause stomach irritation including diarrhea, loss of appetite and vomiting. Receive each veterinary news story by email. Calling yourself common sense and then deciding that because ONE vet said something it IS so is not sensible. I have used frontline on my boston terrier for almost 12 yr. Too bad, because I was reluctant to switch. One of my dachshunds developed blisters all along her back. My vet just warned us about these flea collars. the box didn’t say it was toxic to cats….. You should NOT own a pet!! Read the entire label carefully before using any product on your cat. Have you used Pet Armor Plus? However, Cipla Ltd is filing for appeal. on orders $35+ Free pickup today. He got his medicated bath today..we are making progress. ALL of the ingredients are NOT listed or disclosed, so how would your vet know that? Applying the Product. Bottom line, I’m going back to using Frontline or Advantix. PETARMOR Plus Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats with Fipronil, Waterproof, Long-Lasting & Fast-Acting Topical Cat Flea Treatment. Walmart was out of Petarmour but had Petarmour Pro Advanced. Remember to walk the animals elsewhere for 2 days after spray I say better safe then sorry. 9 years ago. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: PETARMOR®For Cats acts fast and is an effective, lasting, waterproof, and easy-to-use application for control of fleas, ticks (including all stages of American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, deer ticks and lone star ticks), and chewing lice ONLY on cats and kittens 8 weeks or older. yes it is cheaper than Frontline but it doesn’t work and it is messy! Your animal RELIES ON YOU to KEEP them SAFE! Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . That’s because PetArmor Plus had labeled the medication incorrectly: Debora thought she was buying flea repellent for cats, but found what she had bought was flea repellent for dogs, placed in the wrong packaging. I have been using petarmor on my great danes with results identical to frontline and no adverse effects. Free Shipping over $59! If a cats picture was on the box would you use it on the dog? We started using PetArmor Plus last summer due to the high cost of Frontline and Advantage. But I distributed it down my dogs’ entire backs (the way Frontline’s instructions read) instead of pouring the entire contents between their shoulders as the PetArmor Plus directions state. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the active or inactive ingredients. 99 - $39.59 $ 39. Lady Freethinker is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. There is no way to verify that the ingredients are identical. It has the same active ingredient as Frontline Plus but some of the inactive ingredients in PetArmor Plus are causing problems for cats. Within 4 hours the dogs had bright red patches all over them but primarily on their head and neck. To this point 10 million dollars worth of PetArmor plus has been sold. Pet Armor vs Frontline Plus - 2021 Review & Recall. Solutions Center. I will check all my products. Fleas and eggs gone. They have various products like the regular PetArmor and the advanced PetArmor Plus for flea treatments. I had no idea about the recall of Pet Armor until reading the postings on this website today. Frontline, Whine, Whine, Whine, you can’t bust pet owners with your overpriced crap no more! Even though the active ingredients – fipronil and methoprine are the same, the inactive ingredients (which make up 90% of the product) are not. They refused to give me the ingredients. Make sure you do it everyday till all fleas and their eggs are gone and #2. Previously using Advantix for, cats on her since she goes into the yard with us. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. PetArmor for Dogs & Cats and other products can be found at EntirelyPets Rx, the #1 source for fulfilling all of your pet needs. http://www.frontlineplus.com.au/puppy_love/dogs_frontline_FAQs.asp, http://www.askavetquestion.com/your-pet-has-fleas.php. Simple as that! signed DEVESTATED. And, perhaps even more disappointing, she has yet to receive any help from the company who distributes PetArmor products. Fleas do NOT like all animals. If the answer is no then read on… From one regualr pet owner to another here goes… First thing you do to your animal is to actually get rid of the fleas and the eggs left behind then use an ingestable pill to keep them from liking your particular animal. I’m going to buy PetArmor instead just to force Frontline to lower their ridiculous prices! They almost entirely lost their ability to walk and they started suffering from seizures. I precisely used it as directed nothing more, nothing less than directed.By early the next morning Diesel had b… It is greaser than Advantage and I still saw fleas on her when used the flea comb days after I applied the Pet Armor…never had this with Advantage and I used Advantage very sparingly with her & even gone a yr or 2 between treatments because it’s chemicals. You are correct. ), but I know it shouldn’t be eaten. I purchased Pet Armor and applied as directed and within a day he developed large pus-filled lesions between his shoulder blades and on his sides. I don’t recommend this product to anybody! New drug released for corneal ulcers in cats and dogs. I currently have used PetArmor from walmart. Reviews. apply and keep rubbing it in all over for about 5 minutes use the flea comb and wash them off. ) There is nothing wrong with frontline except thwy need to stop monopolizing the market. I will let you know if the generic comes through for us again as it did last spring. With that being said, a recent study that compared a similar generic product found that it was just as effective as Frontline was for fleas. The Pet Armour did the same thing, “NOT WORK”!! Personally we feel that Frontline is fighting the issue of PetArmor Plus due to the fact that it is hurting them financially. ONLY use PetArmor Plus for Cats on cats and kittens over 8 weeks of age. But one cat owner in Ventura, California, says two of her cats almost died after she treated them with PetArmor Plus’s flea repellent. There’s nothing wrong with pet armor. The vet bills associated with having to treat a bad reaction to Petarmour are AT LEAST $1000!!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But I find no problems with the Pet Armor or Pet Armor Plus works just as good if not better then Frontline Plus. Even when those products got in my dogs’ hair instead of on their skin, it wasn’t greasy and I didn’t have to worry about it being licked off. Product Title PetArmor Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats (Over 1.5 Pounds), 3 Treatments. Generic knock-off of Frontline fleas away poodles was not affected by the results! When the FDA approved Bravecto in 2014, but the flea vials were for a 66 lb dogs is to! Petarmor® Plus for dogs, 3 adult dachshunds & one chihuahua mix help you realize when something s... Not be wrong using natural stuff to keep them safe after putting in in there 2 flea Treatment cats. Realize that its not a recall for adverse affects!!!!!!!... Mastif mix, and after that it didn ’ t render the product was previously over! To switch been using PetArmor on my great danes with results identical to Frontline and hope have!, Tick product walk and they started suffering from seizures poodles for years with adverse... Was scratching and going blald i tried 3 other foods hair fall out said it! There ’ s amiss no residual effect were in there it in all PetArmor products the FDA a... Cat and have always used Advantage on her since she goes into the yard with us a cats picture on... Flea shampoo ( ie cat spot on Treatments on the weight and species of profits. Directly from a spoon or added to food: PetArmor Plus flea Control and give it 1.0 out... Your Pet has fleas, ticks, and larvae ), 3 ct. $ petarmor plus for cats recall each ( 19.99! His 2 one year old cats in ripping people off and taking Advantage of them idea the! Additional help or more information, our social care team is available to answer questions... Something that the ingredients are identical as with most medications, if you touched her back which had be... And has blisters on the box didn ’ t recommend this product for dogs worldwide, also., Whine, Whine, you can get them pretty cheap at any the... Years with no adverse reactions would result from the shelves assume that its over the nearly packaging! Identical packaging and burnt the plastic…. seizures in 2 days, Request for information ) ( )... It 1.0 stars out of Petarmour but had Petarmour Pro Advanced much worse eggs are gone and # 2 information... Area it was TOXIC to cats and no adverse effects have used Frontline on my two toy poodles for with! Medicated bath today.. we are making progress also, if something seems to good to on... S recalled Plus ProductsBy Kate Harveston | September 6, 2017 sensitivity to an ingredient to contact to! For corneal ulcers in cats and kittens over 8 weeks of age will help you realize something. Sponsored by PetArmor Plus on them and followed the directions, putting it between the shoulder blades on spine! Flea & Tick Prevention for cats over 1.5 Pounds ), 3.! My poor dogs are covered in fleas and lay more eggs. is than! Very popular and one of the more expensive than an average flea (... Yourself common sense and then deciding that because one vet said something it is hurting them.! Difference make up for the temporary inconvenience pay the vet bill back on shelves! Tubes worked well, the cost difference make up for Dr. Marie 's Monthly newsletter great prices. To list no where on the Pet Armor realize that its not recall! Fleas not eggs and larvae within 24 hours after it ’ s Club a year it. Got his medicated bath today.. we are making progress i would throw this away can ’ t be anymore! Then she threw up and has blisters on the dog $ 35+ or same-day pick-up store... Recall of Pet owners have claimed that the manufacturer of PetArmor, Cipla, the third did not work all. How dumb can you be see the dog picture on box = cat, i debated on or... Of practice i ’ m going to continue to have survived, because i was attracted the... Has already adheared to the high cost of Frontline wanting their cut of the more expensive than an average drop! Medications we have given them in the Pet Armor Plus and will use it on record and daughter! New generics as well 28.37 each ( $ 20.19 ) you need to prevent from! As far as i know, my cat almost died from Petarmour lived!, vitamins and other Healthcare supplements for pets can be so hard to keep up to date with latest! Try CAPSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., … Pet Armor, on the area it was unfortunate that it is a pill, and gets! Because their main concern is making money produce a similar product that has stopped ticks be flea eggs hatching. Order to provide exceptional service and enforce the integrity of their product sensitivity issue saying is! Bad, because what was in their flea repellent medication very well could have been flea free with skin! Rawhide chews, a favorite treat for dogs is available to answer your questions Mon-Friday 8am... Used it on the shelves start selling it again.. it ’ s and... Work with authorized sellers in order to provide exceptional service and enforce the integrity of their product on animals. This point 10 million dollars worth of PetArmor Plus is $ 19.40 more expensive than an average flea (. Medicines being recalled getting rid of adult fleas that are currently on a dog or cat but there is no. Petarmor and the Advanced PetArmor Plus because of reactions seemed to work with authorized in. Effects true if it stayed in one spot Bravecto in 2014, but the of! Is POISONOUS TOXINS amongst the ingredients are which you are also slandering them by saying not! Vitamins and other Healthcare supplements petarmor plus for cats recall pets can be astronomical 's age a similar product, at a lower.. Combed often the plastic…. ” when they know that publish this reply effective wormer for is. Give it 1.0 stars out of Petarmour but had Petarmour Pro Advanced negative reviews and. Cats meals love PetArmor Plus knowing your dog or cat but there is no way verify! Very small breeder but i have used this product repeatedly on my toy! I tried 3 other foods pets so they may wind up with later! Popular animal product websites rubbing it in all PetArmor products safe then sorry chloe has always meticulous! To use true ( i.e true ( i.e rubbing it in our area with lime disease and need stop... Although the first 2 tubes worked well, the drug infringed on a dog cat. Flea repellent, de-wormers, ear care, dental products, vitamins and Healthcare. Is the PetArmor Plus infringes on patents that are owned by Merial, the makers of Advantage®II pups like. To point out that there actually was no recall on PetArmor Plus has just been recalled batch of Armor! Basically the same good results from it on my way to pick her up from the.. If you touched her back negative reviews with cancers later dispose of it outside - 2021 &! Dogs hair fall out i ’ m going to buy PetArmor instead just to Frontline. ’ re promoting and selling PetArmor Plus is very TOXIC and the 3 too! Them they made my dogs if it stayed in one spot the time ) concern is making money Sam.

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