She is a strong willed young lady and when she makes up her mind it can be difficult to change it. Therapy dogs visit with the sick and elderly, sometimes simply sitting by the person's side and patiently being petted. Kind regards, Lize (blue shirt) got Holly as an alert dog, to alert her on low blood sugar levels. She has brought smiles to people’s faces, stopped tears and lifted some out of a slump, me included. Benefits of Pet Therapy; Programs; Sites We Visit; News; Community Supporters; Staff; Board of Directors; Close; Volunteer. As previously mentioned, therapy dogs have been used for may years to assist the blind. Our bond is very strong and she is very in tune with my state of mind and emotional state. South African based non-profit organisation that currently offers Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activity programs in West Rand, Gauteng and our sister units in the East Rand and Vanderbijlpark “Paws for U” and Cape Town,” Paw Pals.” 6 Ask them for details about the shipping company they will use and a contact number of the company to check if they know the breeder. PetHealthCare – South African Pet Care Magazine. 5. - was started by eight dedicated Therapy Dog handlers, and their pets, in August 2008. prides itself on its professionalism, and high ethical standards, and therefore adheres to all the requirements of a Non Profit Organisation, with: A legal constitution - setting out all the required obligations of the organisation, A bank account in the name of TOP Dogs, with 2 out of 3 signatories for any withdrawals, Public Liability Insurance cover, for all dogs when they’re representing TOP Dogs, Non Profit status (registration number 074-086 NPO), Public Benefit Organisation status (PBO no. I always feel loved when I get home and the whole neighbourhood knows when I get home. Top Dogs is a therapy dog service that visits the elderly across Johannesburg to offer some companionship and bring joy to those in need. That is why SADAG created SPEAKING BOOKS and revolutionized the way healthcare information is delivered to low literacy communities. Another factor to consider when choosing a dog breed is the cultural aspect – especially in South Africa. We have used her skills, stability and calmness to help people and other dogs become more comfortable in their environments. I am however the most proud of the therapy work she does. ​Instructions and evaluations are now conducted locally, SADTC Christine van der Westhuizen is an accredited alternate evaluator for Delta® and is conducting the local evaluations in the Gauteng Area. Animal-assisted therapy patients may go on walks with therapy dogs, play games with them, feed them, or groom them. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Her natural ability leaves me astounded so frequently and she is a loved member of the SADTC family. A constant in my world with her quiet calm presence. Volunteer With Your Pet; Volunteer Without Your Pet; Introductory Workshop: Yes, You Can (and Your Pet Can, Too!) Physiological measures look at whether these dogs get stressed during clinical sessions. -. This was just an amazing interaction to watch. She is so calm and unaffected by the environment. Nyx is very independent at home and is no lap dog and she definitely isn’t a licker like my other dog children. Touch Our Pets - Therapy Dogs - known as TOP Dogs - was started by eight dedicated Therapy Dog handlers, and their pets, in August 2008. See you next week, Reasons for Having a Therapy Dog. If they advertise a puppy for something like R3000 shipping included it is a scam as it cost around R1500 to ship a puppy in South Africa. I even had to find a laundry basket with tiny holes in that she couldn’t pull stuff out of. So much so that my future goal is to work more with therapy and service dogs. Nor would we want to stress any pet; The nature of the institution. My dog, Rocky, was the first American Pit Bull Terrier to become a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Inc., as it was then known, and was one of the three dogs used in the original logo (he was the dog being hugged by a child). Loved our lesson today. As everyone knows treats are a sure way to get her attention. Regards Christine xx, © Dogs can be trained as service animals for people with seizures. (Photos: Top Dogs). This includes dogs that can assist persons with: Mobility Impairments - These are known as Service Dogs & can also help persons in wheelchairs & also those with Diabetes. Name: Bertie Breed: Basset Hound Date of Birth: February 2015 Regular Handler: Jann Suttie Background: I obtained Bertie from an animal rescue centre he had been given up by his previous owners he was 6 and half months old.Bertie was enrolled at a dog school to assist with his training and as soon as he was old enough he was put forward for the evaluation to become a Therapy Dog. She also nudges away any cell phones or brings a toy and drops it into my lap. Apply for your card at, SA Riding for the Disabled Association (SARDA). Meetings are held regularly with recorded minutes - all policy decisions are made democratically by a majority vote, An AGM - including a financial report (members can also contact the treasurer to ask to see the accounts at any time), an annual report, and reports from each team leader. SA Dog Training College is now offering Therapy & Service Dog Courses in South Africa. We get to give back with her absolute natural talent and I get to share her with others. I learnt to accept that each time we went into the ring it was just another day and we started doing a lot better. She continually challenges me to do better and try new things. Literacy is a luxury that many of us take for granted. It was very special to see. var dteNow = new Date(); I look forward to our journey ahead and can’t wait to see what new things she will teach me and the new adventures we will tackle together. I will let you know. Oom Johan and I took each competition results and worked on the things that weren’t great. I am a very proud dog mom. Paws for People Therapy Dogs®. In fact, the documented benefits of interaction with pets are mental, emotional, and even physical. Nyx is a German Shepherd/husky mix who will be 6 years old on 18 September. Therapy Dogs Nationwide is a national Charity where visiting volunteers take their own dogs into establishments to give comfort, distraction, and stimulation.. Our volunteers have the unique privilege of volunteering with their own temperament tested Therapy Dogs; some with over 10 years experience and always focused on benefiting people in the community. The Best Dog Breeds for Therapy Dogs. She has already alerted her about 7 times, and once when she was sleeping, when it was as low as 3.4, Hi there Christine, Thank you so much for all your help Christine and Martinique. Rocco has apparently been around a family memeber who is also in a wheelchair and is as gentle as can be and even sleeps under the chair, just to make sure he is close enough. I absolutely love being able to give back. It takes a special team to do this kind of work, but if this is for you, you will have no regrets. When he saw the wheelchair, he went super hyped, the concern from the instructor that Rocco would be his usual hyped self, but when he got close enough to the gentleman it was like he was another dog. As she grew she taught me more and more about myself. She usually quietly puts her head on your lap and waits patiently for your attention. However you know when she is concerned about you as you can’t doubt her presence. Therapy dogs dressed as judges help South African kids get ready to testify in court. Open mobile menu ... South Africa. I am so very grateful that this girl is in my life. However she is still a busy girl and I have to often figure out games to keep her busy. Frequently Asked Questions; Orientation & Training Calendar; Close; Request PAWS. Therapy dogs deal with anxious and fearful people. ​ Most of the stuff she destroyed I never replaced as I didn’t need it. Another study in 2009 (4) by Marieanna Le Roux and Rene Kemp at Stellenbosch University in South Africa produced similar results when patients with depression either spent six … Therapy dogs and handlers play a vital role with regards to working with cases of trauma, head injuries, retirement villages, illnesses, etc. Our aim is to give the Pet Loving community of South Africa the ability to plan their holidays and take their pets along with them, thus taking the stress out of planning a Pet Friendly holiday or finding a suitable place to have a quick bite or a comfy family meal at a Pet Friendly Restaurant plus so much more. We have a therapy tester, and two therapy handlers, of which one is also a therapy instructor. Therapy dogs may be trained to … Right: a dog dressed as a judge in a mock courtroom. However training of the dogs can be done at any club of your choice for these purposes in SA and we will assist with any problems. Issued on: 22/10/2019 - 12:50 Modified: 22/10/2019 - 14:14. Her obedience eventually became good enough and was better than I had ever achieved so we started competing. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Evaluations will also be available on the South Coast from the middle of next year as Heidi is moving to the coast. Pet therapy for the elderly has become a popular method of mild therapy for senior citizens ( ). 7. This amazing girl has taken me to places and I have experienced many things I would never have thought I would do. We are now at Novice level. Help Us Share Smiles & Joy I am a paranoid dog mom and panic when they get up to mischief. Her favourite is long strips of fabric or socks. S.A. Dog Training College and Kennels (SADTC) brought these and many more courses into South Africa in a big way. My lesson patience and a thick skin to some of the stuff she did. It is a South African based non-profit organisation that currently offers Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activity programs in West Rand, Gauteng and our sister units in the East Rand and Vanderbijlpark “Paws for U” and Cape Town,” Paw Pals.”. Left: Sansa the dog dressed up as a police officer. If your dog or cat is suffering from osteoarthritis, tendon and ligament damage, then be rest assured that this affordable medical technology is also available in South Africa. I tried out all sorts of different things with her like scent detection, tracking, tricks, etc. She started studying Animal Behavior (Ethology) at the Academy of Ethology under Prof. Johannes Odendaal in 2007 and has been registered at SABCAP (South African Board for Companion Animal Professionals) as an Animal Behaviorist since 2011. About TALA. So Pets as Therapy assesses you and your animal companion as a team. I learned to panic a bit less and ensure the stiff was packed away. Horses may require physiotherapy from injuries sustained during racing events, dressage and reining. document.write(intYear); She always pushes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me to become better at everything. The protection work she is only now doing well in but I used it to build her confidence and give her some independence from me. Dogs who do not receive any therapy for osteosarcoma are in pain and have a poor quality of life. ​ There is a huge demand for this and if you are interested, please feel free to contact us. A seizure dog is a dog that has been trained (or has learned) to respond to a seizure in someone who has epilepsy. SA Dog Training College is now offering Therapy & Service Dog Courses in South Africa. You have a great bunch of very kind, compassionate trainers. She loves people and her calm, stable demeanour makes her the ideal therapy dog. var intYear = dteNow.getFullYear(); Our motto is - TOP Dogs spread smiles for miles - this is being achieved, on a regular basis, with visits from our friendly non-threatening dogs, to many local venues. Whether you and your dog are looking to become a certified therapy team or your facility would like to start a therapy dog program, Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) is your #1 choice for pet therapy.